Here we have just a few of the comments and testimonials from the Charity BBQ Launch held at the LBC-HQ on Saturday 24th September 2016. Such a lot of positive and lovely comments. Many thanks to you all!

Guy –

“Summer Mozz is lovely, if strong.  That and Lucy Locket, stars of the show!  Great stuff.”


Steve –

“Beers are nearly as good as the pump clips! 10/10 would drink again.”


Bill –

“This Summer Mozz is simply wonderful – very moreish.  Pocket Locket surprised me as I am not usually an IPA lover.”


Wilfred –

“I have tried all the beers, but found that Mozza was best for me!”


Sue –

“Great local ales that would be a fantastic addition to Mansfield’s up-market bars and pubs.”


Anon –

“Fantastic pale ales in Lucy Locket and Pocket Locket, which at 4.7% is a great non-gassy session beer!”


Julie –

“My preference is always a 5+ IPA or similar. But, Summer Mozz is a great flavour – just outdone by the Mozza.  Tasty – would definitely order this in my local, if it was on.”


Neal –

“ Loved Lucy Locket.  Looking forward to supporting all your brews.  Hope to see them in the local pubs soon!”


Anon –

“Loved all the beers as I have been eagerly awaiting to try them locally; I hope they will be on at the local beer festivals and in the local pubs.”


Ivor and Nel –

“The Mozza was the best – loved it.  Lucy Locket was our least favourite.”


Sheila, Michael & Tracey –

“We all thought that Lucy Locket was very good, Pocket Locket better for quaffing as weaker and Summer Mozz also well received.  All in all absolutely NO complaints!”