It all came about during an extended car journey from the metropolis of downtown Langwith Junction, England to almost the bottom of the south east of Spain. Travelling in our little Kia Rio would be less nostalgic than in a classic car but nevertheless an adventure to brighten an otherwise static existence and therefore much looked forward to. A journey, not taken as a holiday but more about spending some quality time together in addition to formulating a life plan. Yes, we were joining the ranks of those being fed up with the  rat race and treadmill that is everyday living in the magnificent 21 st Century. A merry trio of soul searchers on a road tour without a designated route, an adventure and whilst drinking in the wonderful scenery of France, being in awe of the majesty of the Pyrenees as an endless backdrop as we dropped into Northern Spain through Andorra and the rugged beauty of the Catalan region, Team Rio was created….. a unity of musical preference – there’s nothing quite like listening to The Killers “Mr. Brightside” – pleasure in tasting a whole host of exquisite culinary delights along the way and immersing ourselves in the cultural pursuits of each region as we made our progress,

It was a joyous exploration on many levels! The culmination of the whole event was an agreement to look into the feasibility of establishing our own company, providing quality products and service, individuality and that personal touch often lost in larger conglomerates within the corporate world. The answer became clear after minimal deliberation; the development of our own brewery to produce high quality ales to cater for the changing palate of today’s sophisticated beer drinkers whilst enticing those less familiar with the glorious variety of tastes to ‘have a go’.

This plus an opportunity to become an active part of and contribute effectively to our local community became compelling. It was at this point – after much discussion and thorough research, The Langwith Brewing Company Limited was formed. Our business plan is succinct, using leading edge technology combined with older recipes as a base from which to build, we intend to not only produce memorable and appealing ales but also provide a springboard for a host of additional activities to contribute to the overall appeal of LBC. We are excited and proud to be part of the every-growing Craft Brewing Industry and look forward to dealing with your enquiries, meeting many of you at festivals and shows or in assisting you with your special event. We welcome you to come along to our bijou brewery in Mansfield to see us for yourself!


At Langwith Brewing Company, we feel that there simply is no such mantra as having “Too much of a good thing!” However, as a small microbrewery we are also mindful that our reputation will depend on the production of high quality, defined craft ales. With this in mind and in order to be completely confident that we retain consistency of taste, we have focussed our brewing around 4 Signature Ales:

Scuba Mozz Amber Ale

Lucy Locket IPA

Lord Humungous Porter

In addition, we will be rolling out limited edition ales, which will be aligned to each of the signature beers. These may include batches from our Brew Days or when we have brewed for a specific occasion, whether that is seasonal or single event ale, where we feel that the product has truly ‘hit the spot’ and deserves the LBC label and wider circulation.

Please browse our Beers page for all the information you need to make a choice on your favourite ale!

Steve Pownall

Steve Pownall

Director / Brewer

Following University and a stint living in British Columbia, Canada – Steve’s career saw him working on large private motor yachts. Initially as a Deckhand and then more recently as the Bosun on a particularly large vessel, overseeing the supervision of a 15 strong team of motley crew members.  Aghast at the quality, (or lack there of) of many continental and world beers (Lagers), he encountered on his travels, Steve would long for his trips back to the UK, where he headed off in search of a ‘real pint’ the first opportunity he got!  Realising that Yachting is ‘a young man’s game’, and looking to end his nomadic lifestyle – although the permanent sunshine will clearly be missed – Steve decided to return to the UK to combine his experiences working in hot, sweaty, often cramped conditions (anyone working in a Micro brewery understands that) with his desire to create exciting, meaningful beer, to effect the start up of The Langwith Brewing Company Limited!

Steve, takes an open minded eclectic approach to his beer drinking, however, well bodied mid strength amber ales are his drink of choice!

Dave Wilson

Dave Wilson

Director / Brewer

Following a career in education and most recently a seven year period in the Middle East leading an International School with close to 1,000 students, Dave can be forgiven for needing to be closer to beer!!!

Being a keen sportsman in his younger days he started his research into the beer tasting world early, with the obligatory pint… or several following ‘the match’. From living and working in 4 different countries and always keen on sampling the local tipple, Dave has a wide and varied drinking palette. He does rather enjoy the darker end of the spectrum however and looks forward to developing the LBC range of Porters and Stouts.

Coming back to his home roots in the East Midlands, Dave is keen to produce quality beer that quite simply speaks for itself.

Cathy Wilson

Cathy Wilson

Director / Enigma

As with all things enigmatic Cathy is rarely seen within the Brewery, however it is always interesting and never dull when she is here! Arriving at LBC from her travels, Cathy has made her presence felt by ensuring a full schedule of festival attendance for 2017. This is the beginning of our quest to ensure that the LBC brand gets ‘out there’ and in front of craft ale lovers, both in the East Midlands and beyond. Cathy will assist with Sales and Marketing as well as developing new and exciting directions for the business.

Not known for her drinking prowess, (although she will give it a good try), Cathy is a fully fledged ‘Hop Head’ preferring light, crisp IPA’s served chilled on a warm summers day!