On first meeting, Stumpy or Mr. Garner as he is respectfully referred to outside close friends and family, is nothing out of the ordinary. A gentleman for sure and sweet looking with a very calm, laconic manner, which effortlessly soothes those in his company, making even the most restless person feel like they have all the time in the world; yet there is nothing outwardly that makes you sit up and take notice. Being a diminutive 4feet 11 inches tall and incredibly spritely with a wicked glint of humour in his eyes, hints at physical capability but it is only once you get to know this quiet, intelligent man that you fully understand what an exceptional person he really is.

As a centenarian, he has certainly earned his stripes in life generally and has no need to prove himself to anyone. His ‘Less is More’ philosophy makes him pragmatic and temperate rather than excitable and tempestuous …. And herein lies the indicator. Stumpy is absolutely amazing behind a wheel and indeed blazed a trail in his younger years as an avid, capable rally cross driver. To this day he uses a flippantly bizarre ‘wax on and wax off’ method to reverse into the tightest parking spaces and puts today’s young firebrands to shame with his slick manoeuvres…… Not even his son-in-law, Lord Humungous can hold a candle to him!

Stumpy’s Bitter like the man, is exceptionally smooth and infinitely moreish! The taste is both traditionally bitter yet by utlising combinations of malt in the recipe, it is at the same time sweet with earthy overtones, which makes it effortlessly reflect the LBC remit of producing traditional beers with a contemporary twist.