The Story So Far

Three years of research, learning and planning culminated in the formation of The Langwith Brewing Company Limited (LBC), based on passion and desire to see the relatively recent uptrend of craft ales – both production and consumption – continue to flourish. Unfazed by the number of new microbrewers already on the scene, we set about installing a new, bespoke 6 barrel brewhouse in our current premises in Mansfield. Content in the knowledge that the quality and taste of each beer ultimately defines the brewery, we feel there is plenty of room in the marketplace and are prepared to put our beers to the test. The key for us is to produce a small series of signature ales, which stand out as smooth, eminently drinkable and definitive as LBC brewed.

It all began in the spring of 2015…..

With each success came more self belief and enthusiasm as feedback on initial brews became increasingly positive. We were on our way…….

There was absolute joy following long hard days brewing until the first 1000 litres of Scuba Mozz was deemed ‘just right’ by our brewing team…..

Not long after this success, we produced a Limited Edition amber ale, Summer Mozz; this beer, created for a very special event indeed!

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Today, we are confident in not only our products but in the brand of The Langwith Brewing Company and honestly believe that we are a valuable addition to the buoyant microbrewing industry.