The First 12 Months …. Or So!!


Good Progress


Having kept focus in designing and producing our Signature beers; Scuba Mozz – Amber Ale, Lord Humungous – Porter, Lucy Locket – IPA by the end of the autumn 2016, our sights were set on the development of a Core Range to both extend our repertoire and broaden choice for our customers. These are session beers and, as such, have slightly lower ABV’s than those in the Signature group.

We felt it was important to develop a small (but perfectly formed!) group of beers that excite the palate and reinforce the LBC brewing goal of producing traditional ales with a fundamentally contemporary edge.

Following the ‘launch’ of Lord Humungous at the Robin Hood Beer and Cider Festival in October 2016 therefore, work began on creating four recipes. Having listened to the requests and ideas of our loyal customers who frequent The Beer Shack in Mansfield – our first brew tap outlet – Steve and Dave decided on the following core beers:-
Jeanie’s Mild, Stumpy’s Bitter, Mystic Peg and Dickie MiG.

The first to leap out of the starting block was Stumpy’s Bitter (ABV 3.8%) in late November. At this stage, we had just taken over the management of the Beer Shack. A previously run micropub, it was easy to convert into a brew tap for us in addition to showcasing other microbrewery beers. It also provided us with a perfect opportunity to trial our new additions properly. Three months later and Stumpy’s has definitely earned its’ stripes! Whenever it is available, it sells consistently well and is now recognised as an established LBC brew.



It isn’t a secret that by far the most preferred ales of the younger beer drinking fraternity are the pales and IPA’s. Many of this section of the community are making the excellent choice of moving away from the mass produced food and drinks delivered from the corporate world in favour of more natural, artisan products. So, with this in mind, we set about brewing not only one but two pale ales and we are pleased to announce that the LBC portfolio now includes lower ABV pale ales – Mystic Peg and Peg’s Pale.

Hot off the press at the time of writing:

Peg’s Pale, launched at The Beer Shack in January 2017, has sold out three weeks in a row! Certainly an excellent beer to lift the post-Christmas blues with it’s beautiful pale yellow colour and floral aroma reminding us of moving into the wonderful long evenings and sunlight of Spring and Summer.
Not to be overshadowed, Mystic Peg meanwhile had an excellent ‘launch’ at the 2017 Manchester Beer and Cider Festival, where LBC were a main sponsor. See our Events page on this website for further information.

Our adventure in managing the Beer Shack in Mansfield town centre, has proved invaluable in terms of seeing reactions to not only our beers but to our guest ales and some of the ideas we have to move the company forward. It has been a steep, but immensely enjoyable, learning curve where we have met some lovely (and often knowledgeable) people as well as been in a position to liaise effectively with many other microbreweries. Undertaking an outlet such as the Beer Shack has enabled us to engage in mutually beneficial ‘beer swaps’ in order to maintain variety and greater choice for our customers. We had always planned to expand into the micropub / brew tap trade; this opportunity just presented itself a little bit sooner than we had anticipated. There will be more information on the Beer Shack soon, so ‘watch this space’!



Finally, in addition to all the brewing and Brew Tap activities, Pedro the vintage mobile bar has been booked into a range of festivals and events throughout the year across the country. We are certainly expecting him earn his corn in the coming months, so please check out the Calendar on the website – we would love to see plenty of familiar faces as well as meeting a host of new potential LBC Brew-ites! We will also be supporting a number of more local events through bottle and cans sales primarily and these are also highlighted on the calendar page.



In many ways, the first commercial 12 months in the life of LBC has been a baptism of fire. We have learned a huge amount, we have experienced assistance and support from many of those already established within the industry and we have forged ahead, unafraid to adapt our business model when necessary. It is at the same time exasperating and exhilarating to be a part of the microbrewery industry where, with increasing competition both locally and from further afield, you have to become chameleon-like in your readiness to meet demand and set a trend in order to make your business successful. In essence, we adhere to the old adage:

“You are only as good as your last pint of beer!”

Team Rio and LBC are up for the challenge…. Bring on the next 12 months………