Born and bred in Liverpool, England, Mozz spent a carefree childhood with the Albert Docks as his playground. He quickly became obsessed with the gloopy, dark water held within the confines of the dock walls, which regularly harboured sailing vessels of all shapes and sizes. Against all advice, this unsavoury place was where a young Mozz learned to swim. It didn’t take long for this passion to become a desire to explore underneath the water’s surface…. In short, Mozz decided to train as a scuba diving instructor and would frequently be seen in numerous fissures of freezing cold water honing his underwater swimming techniques and scuba skills.

Under his ‘trainee instructor’ banner Team Rio met this, most unlikely teacher. Over a period of three weekends the newly named Scuba Mozz divulged all there is to know about diving in the reclaimed quarries, docklands, inlets and Irish Sea of Merseyside and Lancashire. His enthusiasm, passion and off-the- wall personality made him quickly become a favourite with the team!

Why is our premier Amber Ale aligned with such a character?


We feel that like Mozz our inaugural Amber Ale is a complex character, similar in many ways to the more traditional brown ales, in terms of a smooth start and a creamy mouthfeel; however what sets Scuba Mozz apart is the subtly hopped, bitter finish – like its’ namesake a beer not easily forgotten.

Scuba Mozz really is a law unto himself – amber ale at it’s best