12 – 15 October 2016


You can imagine our excitement during the build up to the largest regional beer and cider festival; our participation confirmed, the test was to ensure that our beers were not only ready but up to scrutiny and our exacting quality standards.  We committed to launching our Signature Porter, Lord Humungous but also took a selection of other well, received beers.

Although this wasn’t Pedro’s maiden outing, it was certainly the most testing one to date.  Following a thorough clean, tidy and British Racing Green paint job to his undercarriage, Pedro, the LBC vintage caravan bar, was ready for action.

We were not disappointed with this event in any way.  The organisers were helpful, as were some of our fellow exhibitors; particularly the guys from Milestone and Batemans Breweries, who selflessly came to our rescue when one of our secondhand beer pumps went kaput!

The initial session belonged to trade visitors and we were delighted that several who visited our caravan have since been in touch to order our beers.  Following this, were three days of total mayhem …. In a good way, ofcourse.  Although we were situated a little way away from the main action, visitors were keen to see everything on offer and made the effort to find their way round to our ‘gaff’ to sample Lord Humungous, Lucy Locket, Pocket Locket , Summer Mozz and Mozza.

 We were extremely proud to see both our porter, Lord Humungous and our IPA, Lucy Locket be voted in the top 10 best liked beers.  All in all, a marvellous event for us and one that we will certainly look forward to next year.