Clearly a special member of the Lucy Locket family of beers, Pocket Locket arrived during the creative process of producing a small series of recipes for our pale collection.   Pocket Locket has become an instant favourite with our regular customers.  This beer has a similar ‘honey’ after-taste to Lucy and is a lighter colour, but pitching in at a slightly lower ABV of 4.7% it seems to hit the spot for those wishing to stay on the same drink throughout an evening.


Pocket Locket has been named after another primary teacher we know!  A friend in ‘real life’ who has an enormous appetite for socialising with friends and who likes nothing more that heading off with plenty of sustenance and a sneaky can of beer in her pocket!


Although we planned Pocket Locket to be a Limited Edition initially, sales have shown that it is now one of our most popular beers.  With this in mind, PL is now available not only on hand pulls in our bars and usual outlets, but also in 330ml craft cans – wonderful straight from the fridge but equally as satisfying when served at room temperature.  There is no question that 6 of the PL cans in a gift pack is a fabulous present so treat yourself or someone you know! Order directly via email at info@langwithbrewing.co.uk  or access our online shop if you live further afield.