In order to develop potential sales, we needed to become mobile – take our craft ales to the marketplace and hopefully secure a trusty band of followers. We wanted to do this in an interesting way that would catch the eye whilst being serviceable and meet the requirements of a mobile bar.

Then along came Pedro………… He definitely found us rather than the other way round. Hailing from the halcyon days of 1976, here was potential with not only historical significance but with pedigree; something with that amount of longevity must have the correct credentials, right? – at least that is what we thought!



It wasn’t long before it became quite clear that Pedro had to been on the slippery slope of demise for sometime. There was nothing for it – he he had to be stripped back to his bare bones and thus began ‘Operation Restoration!’ We think that you will agree, it has been worth the hard graft as LBC unveil the true magnificence of Pedro in his reincarnation as a service-vehicle for our attendance at festivals, social events and exhibitions.

Early work on Pedro……

We are very fortunate to know Dave King, Artist and professional Sign Writer …… oh, and of course, craft ale lover!  He was more than happy to utilise his creative expertise in the design and artwork in exchange for board and beer tasting!  He began in earnest during a visit from his home in Amsterdam.

Later work on Pedro……

The interior slowly came together too; proving frustrating as no corner was square or line straight.

Team Rio wish to thank expert carpenter, Scott Thompson for his inspired recycled wood benches, cask racks and counter top.



Finally, after painstaking reconstructive ‘surgery’, Pedro was ready for his first outing.


Check out where he landed up, in our Events page!


Why not see this little beauty for yourself?

Pedro puts in an appearance at The Rock And Ark Festival – August 2016