They say that we are who our parents make us or want us to be ….. so we could not resist allocating one of our core range to a family matriarch.

Named after Princess Margaret, Margaret-Rose quickly became known as Peggy, this lady soon developed a ‘Royal mystique’! Quiet, reserved and shy Peggy on first meeting … in fact on the first several meetings, appeared to hold something back. Reticent to divulge her true personality and vulnerability, she was often mistaken for being aloof, distant and even rude at times. Only those closest to her were privy to her warmth, effervescence, innocence and unswerving loyalty. Once her allegiance was pledged, that was IT; there was simply nothing that Peggy wouldn’t do to help and unselfishly support you. There is no question that Peg was indeed a mystery to all but a few!

How to relate this to creating a suitable beer? Step forward Steve, our Chief Brewer….
Following a sustained period of deliberation, trials to get the right balance in the aroma, correct ABV and taste with several ‘tweaks’ in the combination of the ingredients, Mystic Peg was ready for the waiting public.

Mystic Peg is a wonderfully ‘secretive’ pale ale. It is contemporary in taste, light and a little floral with a fantastic yet subtle hint of grapefruit, which lingers irresistibly on your tongue.