The third ‘member’ of the Scuba Mozz family and produced for our first round of beer festivals as a higher ABV alternative.


Amber ales, at first glance are not currently viewed as ‘in vogue’ beers but rather have a stalwart group ready and willing to champion their cause. So it came as a bit of a surprise when our brewers were approached to come up with a high ABV amber to add to our limited edition collection.  Having already produced two amber ales, it didn’t seem unreasonable to add another variation and create a trio.


Mozza, named after a beloved painter and decorator called Maurice, brewed at a wonderful 5.9% definitely hasn’t disappointed.  With a rich, almost red colour and a light foamy head on pouring, Mozza certainly looks the part – a handsome pint, no doubt.


Unanimously feedback from our tasters has centered around the imbibers surprise at the relatively high ABV in relation to the intensity of the taste.  The common theme is almost identical to that of our Summer Mozz Limited Edition, this beer tastes more like a session ale than a 5.9% brew!


So, with the view of maintaining our mandate to support sensible drinking of alcohol; Should Mozza ever return to grace the LBC portfolio, please sample and be prepared to be pleasantly surprised, but approach with care – forewarned is forearmed and all that!