Some individuals stand out from the crowd, not just physically, but because of their natural talents.  We say that they are ‘blessed’ because they have a gift and certain things come easily to them.  Many years ago, long before Team Rio even became a team, we stumbled upon on a peaceful and beautiful Caribbean island.


A giant of a man at 6 feet 8 inches (2metres 03 centimetres in new money!) tall and a veteran tennis coach of over 20 years, Lord Humungous astounds everyone with his sensitive nature and patience.  However, those of us who know him well are aware of the motorbike loving, rebel rousing, speed fiend lying perilously close to the surface of his mild exterior.  Now a half centurion, he is defined not only by his tennis but also for some seriously dexterous blues and rock guitar playing, which can be heard at many live music venues throughout his homeland.


Our Lord Humungous porter ale has been produced in homage to the man who ensured that Team Rio became fully cognisant of the nuances of American humour.


It’s style is seriously edgy, definitely a loner and a beer that will make statement of individuality; this beer is not for the fainthearted.