From the very first days, we could see the potential of Unit 16, Hermitage Way. To some it would look like an empty industrial space but to the LBC team it was a blank canvas that we could use to create a fantastic microbrewery, complete with training and office space. All we had to do was be creative and use the knowledge gleaned from many hours of research and visiting other facilities.

Today, we are nearly there but it is also fair to say that LBC HQ is a ‘work in progress’ as the company grows and actively increases!

From the very beginning each addition was seen as a huge step forward:

Preparing the unit meant a complete renovation including the construction of a cool room, office mezzanine and dedicated Brewhouse area.

Then the real quality equipment arrived!

Copper, heat exchanger and fermenting vessels complete with hot liquor tank and mash tun, carefully installed.

Now well into production, the LBC HQ has been meticulously designed to ensure quality efficiency and consistency.