As a family business and in the interest of complete fairness, ‘it wouldn’t be Cricket’ if we didn’t honour another member of the LBC fraternity by naming our slightly old fashioned, but coming back into the limelight core range mild, Jeanie.

Jean, now the oldest living family member, has certainly had an interesting and in many respects charmed life. Brought up in an era where mild would have been the majority beer of choice, Jean sought to break the mould of the male tap room and was unafraid to accompany her husband into the local hostelry every weekday evening; usually arriving just before last orders and therefore always sticking to a staple, ‘two halves, please’. However, as time passed a love of travel and exploration became more prevalent and Jean ‘hit’ the cruise scene. Oh and how she did it in style, with back to back cruises and round the world – in both directions – being only a limited number of her escapades! Nevertheless, she is always happiest when she returns to her local pub and finds her seat to partake of her two halves of mild.

Mean, Lean Super-Jean the cruise queen (her endearing family moniker) has never been a wallflower nor a trailblazer but rather a supporting act preferring to have a less obvious impact on those around her. Rather like the beer named after her, she is good to have around, is dependable and reliable.

Jeanie’s Mild therefore has been designed to create nostalgia for the past – when things seemed to be straightforward, simple and forever – it is a rich dark beer with substance and sits comfortably in our core range portfolio.