Saturday 27th – Monday 29th May 2017


Leading up to the May Bank Holiday and the weather had definitely taken a turn for the better…. Summer seemed to be well and truly on its’ way BUT, and in true British fashion, it appeared that the weather KNEW there was time off work on the way. By Friday, the sunshine had all but disappeared with forecasts predicting a complete wash out for the weekend…… disaster for an outdoor festival. As we travelled down to set up Pedro in his spot, we did some serious praying, in fact more like pleading to the weather gods (again!) for ambient weather.

If you have never been to Weston Park House, I can recommend it. A beautifully tranquil setting with the house at its’ centre providing a delicious insight into how things used to be and most certainly well worth a visit. It was therefore not a surprise on the first morning that queues to get to the Festival, which had been set up in the grounds facing the house, were long. Visitors seemed to be genuinely excited during their traverse around the stands and the enthusiasm was infectious; a true family event, yet with provision for all ages at every turn.

Pedro created a great deal of interest and before long, we were serving a host of visitors with Mystic Peg, Scuba Mozz, Jeanie’s Mild and Pocket Locket from the cask alongside our usual bottles and cans. We received many positive comments as feedback and these were verified when we looked online at Untapped reviews. Saturday and Sunday were premium sales days due to the absence of rain and prolonged sunshine. By the beginning of day three, we had completely sold out of the hand pulled beers and so Pedro morphed into a bottle and can bar. We couldn’t believe how many people came out on Monday, which was a damp squib as far as the weather was concerned … possibly something to do with being stoic?

Despite the increased security required due to the sad events in Manchester a few days previously, the atmosphere remained light, friendly and almost party-like’. It was great to be part of and we met some fabulous people throughout the whole three days.

We would like to thank Verity, Nick and their team from the GB Food and Drink Festival for making the logistics so easy for us. We look forward to our next two events with them:
29th and 30th July at Castle Howard, York and 26th, 27th and 28th August at Bowood House, Calne near Bath. You can get further details on