Think about the most quintessentially English thing you can……. Does it run along the lines of; winding country lanes, long summer days, relaxing al-fresco at lovely real ale pub?
On a balmy summers evening just as described above whilst chewing the fat over some wonderfully smooth cask ale, Team Rio made what would turn out to be their worst decision in living memory. Why not buy a dinky soft top, older model MG Roadster to tootle about in? We could drink in the wonderful British countryside and stop at highlighted CAMRA hostelries to partake of the wide array of locally produced beers (responsibly and in moderation of course!). What could be better than having a recreational, retro-sports car at our disposal; even better to give the vehicle a very English name? Nostalgia overload and the birth of Dickie MiG.

Now think about it, because we clearly didn’t – a two seater sports car for three people?

Nevertheless, in true Team Rio fashion, we ploughed ahead. Even the chap we bought the car from thought we were nuts! No amount of raised eyebrows, clicking of teeth, nodding of heads or wry smiles could curb our enthusiasm and the MG – Dickie, was ours.

Over the next 10 months, Dickie had us on tenterhooks exciting, enigmatic with a belligerent personality that tested our reserves to the limit. It is for this reason alone that we dedicate our golden ale, a taste of times gone by, to our white elephant purchase – the MG Roadster.

A pint of Dickie MiG golden ale is, in our opinion, a trip down memory lane to an age of innocence and time to mosey through your seemingly endless days without always being contactable and accountable. Indulge in this ale as your session beer of choice; initially light and refreshing with a wonderfully mellow after-taste that is a delight for the palate.


Commercially available from Spring 2017