Saturday 24th September 2016 saw the first event to be held at the LBC-HQ; our official opening and the launch of several of our cask ales. We were really looking forward to welcoming everyone to our ‘gaff’ and so ensured that preparations were completed in good time so that on the day, we could devote as much time as possible to our guests.

We decided early on that this would not only be a marketing exercise to showcase our current range of cask beers and give guests an opportunity to meet the faces behind LBC but that we could also use the event to highlight a charity very close to our hearts.

All food and drink was free on the day, with guests expected only to make a personal donation in the provided buckets, to Macmillan Cancer Support.

We wanted to show that the brand of LBC offers something a little different in our quest to be at the cutting edge of current microbrewery popularity. We feel our beers particularly as they have been developed to be consistent in taste, offer the imbiber yet more variety to their palette. This event was an opportunity for our pundits to taste and make comments on our brewing to date. The results were extremely beneficial and overall very positive.

All four beers available on the day received ‘good press’ from our guests:

Summer Mozz – 5.6% ABV Limited Edition Amber brewed especially for this launch and available for the next few weeks only, in bottles and casks.

Mozza – 5.9% ABV Strong Amber with an exceptionally pleasant, smooth aftertaste, unusual for such a high ABV, which leaves the imbiber wanting more.

Lucy Locket – 5.1% ABV Signature lively IPA with a crisp yet delicate flavour.

Pocket Locket – 4.7% ABV Session IPA which is more than palatable, leaving the hoppy, fragrant aftertaste proving so popular across a full range of IPA’s.

We were lucky with the weather and the number of people who turned up at different points throughout the day. Some stayed and chatted with other beer drinkers and others tried the beers, ate and quietly left….. No itinerary was expected, which made for a wonderfully relaxed and convivial atmosphere. Needless to say, we surpassed our timescale and finished in the early evening when all four beers were finished.


Team Rio would like to sincerely give a special thanks to Maurice, Martin and Sarah Presley and their family who not only produced the handmade sausages but provided the hay bales and marquee free of charge so that we could hand over all donations directly to the charity. Their personal time and willingness to do everything they could to support the day were inspiring and very humbling. We are truly in their debt.

Thanks to Matt and Jake who came all the way from Cardiff to operate the ‘barbie’ in true manly fashion!

There are not many families that haven’t been adversely touched on some level by cancer; it is such an all-embracing disease that proliferates in many guises. Cancer doesn’t care who you are, how old you are, what you have given to life – it is ruthless and strikes indiscriminately. So why not use our event to raise much needed funds for the wonderful work done by Macmillan Cancer Support?…… our ‘take’ if you like, on the world’s largest coffee morning?

How handsomely we were rewarded as we sent off a cheque to the value of £500.89. So, finally, a huge “Thank You” to absolutely every single person who contributed.


Steve With Cheque For £500.89 – Thank You One And All!