Friday 10th February 2017



Having lived in the area adjacent to Lymm for many years and had an association with Lymm Rugby Club, we were delighted to be asked to participate in their latest festival.  Indeed some of the Club’s members had been along to our MacMillans Charity Event at the brewery the previous September and it was great to develop our connection with them again.


We decided to launch Peg’s Pale at this event and it went down a treat!  Scuba Mozz, as our first ever commercially produced cask beer and Lord Humungous in bottles also represented LBC.  They must have proven popular choices for the festival revellers, as when the casks were collected, they were all but empty.  With 15 breweries presenting casked ale and a further 12 providing craft bottles, we were in strong company and it was pleasing to see more real ale fans warming to the LBC ales.


A huge “Thank you!” to Rick Condo, Dave and Oz who got us involved in the event.