Saturday 10th June 2017


It was with great trepidation that we looked to the skies on Saturday morning and to our horror saw what can only be described as ‘February’.  Dark, cloud infested skies, fine rain – the type that soaks you through to the skin and despite the fact that it was almost mid-June, cold and very, very windy.  The adage “The sun shines on the Righteous” left us wondering what we had done wrong!  However, if LBC had been built on faint heart or the cup being half empty, we wouldn’t be where we are today, so undeterred we cheerfully started to set up for the event.  Securing our alcohol licence has taken some time but this was it, time to open.


Shortly after noon, people started to arrive … and so this continued throughout the day and into the early evening.  What a turn out.  It surpassed all our expectations with many familiar faces joining some new ones to celebrate the opening of LBC-HQ, which surely will get shortened to HQ.  It was a superb day and it was with a tinge of sadness that we sent folk on their way around 9.30pm.


Huge thanks to everyone for braving the elements and creating such a wonderful atmosphere throughout the entire day.  We truly valued all of your positive comments and support in wishing us well for this, our newest venture.


Initially, LBC-HQ will be open for special events at the weekends and following Brew Days but will also be fully open on Thursday and Friday afternoon’s and evenings to the general public. The next open event is our Summer Picnic on Saturday 22nd July.  This will be a vintage summer picnic with a percentage of the proceeds of the beers sales and all donations from food going to the Marie Curie charity.


Please check our social media and the website Calendar page for further information or pop down on Thursday or Friday afternoons to see us.